Company law requires most limited companies to have their financial statements audited at regular intervals.

Our audit process involves evaluating financial procedures, reporting systems and management. Our team will make careful recommendations after every audit, identifying strengths and weaknesses and offering suggestions to improve financial management.

We consider audit to be a service that will assist our clients’ businesses to run more smoothly.

The key features of our audit practice are:


  • Identify potential areas of difficulty and appropriate solutions.
  • Agree with you the information that you would provide.
  • Agree key dates for reporting and completion.
  • Brief our staff and ensure they are familiar with your organisation and systems.

The Audit

  • We have experienced audit staff who complete the audit competently and efficiently.
  • We ensure your financial statements comply with accounting regulations and statutory obligations.


  • We identify strengths and weaknesses of your financial procedures.
  • We advise you on ways to improve your overall financial management.