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19 Dec 2018

Former Anglo Irish Bank bondholders to be paid €267m by liquidators

A group of Anglo Irish Bank bondholders are set to be paid all of the €267m they are seeking from liquidators of the bust bank, despite the State only getting a fraction of the €30bn it invested as a rescue attempt.

19 Dec 2018

Incomes are up, but 100,000 in jobs still at risk of poverty

Household incomes have gone up, but large numbers of people are still in poverty.

19 Dec 2018

SME sector set for €75m boost from State lender

The SME sector is set for a €75m cash injection via a State lender, the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI).

18 Dec 2018

Households to spend €1bn on groceries in December

Irish households are set to spend €1bn on groceries this December for the first time.

18 Dec 2018

‘Social media now top for news as mobiles driving digital growth’

Just how tough the present day has become for print US newspapers was underlined by some new research on news consumption in that market.

18 Dec 2018

Government launches initiative to support returning emigrants start businesses

The Government has launched an initiative to help returning emigrants start and develop businesses in Ireland.

17 Dec 2018

SME Advice: ‘Germany can offer Irish firms a chance to diversify’

It’s hard to imagine but there was a time when conversations around trade and business did not include references, pointed or otherwise, to Brexit.

17 Dec 2018

State investor warns of funding shortages hitting tech startups

Digital startup investor NDRC, which is funded by the State, has warned that Irish companies are struggling to get early-stage investment and that the response from Government is “inadequate”.

17 Dec 2018

Bank watchdog warns payments face Brexit risk

Although the main banks have stepped up preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit, UK-based payment firms used by EU customers are not ready, the bloc’s banking watchdog said on Friday.

14 Dec 2018

Collapse of Danish insurer exposes Irish homeowners

HUNDREDS of homeowners have been left without insurance cover if their homes develop structural defects following the failure of a Danish insurer.